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Disco Flavored Single "You Can Tell" Released

Atlanta, Georgia – November 19th, 2023 – Marco Restrepo, a rising star in the music industry, has released his newest single “You Can Tell” from his forthcoming album, Whatever. The single, which dropped on Nov 17th, is a disco-flavored rocker with lyrics about the desire to be accepted.

“You Can Tell” is a song that will get you dancing and singing along from the very first beat. Marco’s signature sound is on full display here, with funky basslines (played by Scott Patton) and catchy guitar riffs complemented by a sweet falsetto voice. The lyrics of the song are a reflection of Marco’s own experiences with trying to fit in and be accepted.

“I wanted to write a song that captures the feeling of wanting to belong and be accepted for who you are. It’s something that we all go through at some point in our lives, and I hope that this song can be a reminder that we are all worthy of love and acceptance,” said Marco about the new release.

“You Can Tell” is a departure from the other singles that have been released for Whatever, but it is a welcome one. The album promises to be a diverse collection of songs that showcase Marco’s versatility as an artist. With each release, Marco is proving that he is one of the more exciting artists to watch in the music industry today.

Fans of Marco Restrepo can stream “You Can Tell” now on all major music platforms. The release is already gaining buzz and is expected to be a hit with audiences. With all of the variety promised for Whatever, Marco’s new single is another entry in what is gearing up to be an unpredictable pleasure.


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