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Marco Restrepo’s final album ‘Atone the Priest’ brings the noise

Marco Retrepo 'Atone the Priest'
Artwork for Atone the Priest

October 5th, 2020

ATLANTA, GA- Available on all streaming platforms October 22nd 2020, Atone the Priest, a compilation of standout tracks recorded under Marco’s rap persona, A.Tone Da Priest, as well as unreleased B-sides and demos from that time period, promises to be a noisy affair full of hard rocking riffs, unconventional melodies and thought provoking lyrics.

Marco has stated that he plans on taking a break from releasing music under his government name, and will soon begin creating projects with his new band Ever Been Blue. “I put this together as a way to close the door on my solo career for now... Going forward I will produce music in the context of a band with other musicians contributing. When I record solo again, then Marco Restrepo will return.” Marco contributed all of the production and lyrics on all but 3 of the 21 tracks on the LP.

The project contains a wide variety of sounds and textures with everything from acoustic, to fast paced punk, to pounding trap rock. The lead single is the mid-tempo grunge ballad titled “Blue Sky” which has already gained over 20k streams on Spotify from its original release on A.Tone’s 2012 album, October Sky, and promises a long overdue music video in the coming weeks. “I think this music got lost being put out under A.Tone, so my reasoning is to expose people who may only know me as Marco to the origins of my guitar driven music.” The album artwork was produced by Atlanta based artist Signs By Trent.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact us at Follow Marco on Instagram and Twitter: @goingmarco.


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