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So... The Reviews Are In

So the reviews are in for Lonely Hearts Club and the verdict is out... Some good, some bad but overall mostly positive stuff. If this were pitchfork it would say "general positive reviews" although I thought "universal acclaim" was more in order lol i'm am just playing of course, but not really...

Anywho, let me highlight some of the best and worst things said about me here.


"Sure to one day be remembered as one of the classic good timing Funk-Rock-Pop CD’s of recent time."

"The instrumentation and tones give you that genuine feel of good music and writing from a generation ago."

"I really like his harmonies."

"His music is comparable to a faded pair of blue jeans rather that a still pressed pair of Khakis."

"He has a look that will attract many female fans aswell."

"This surging guitarist/producer is somewhat of a musical force."

"Being a professional event planner, I cannot get out of my head the idea of many tracks on this CD filling almost any function."

"Everything that it is not is what makes this project so enjoyable."

"I get the impression this guy could reach out to multitudes with great meaning."

"To the right and left of him evil, yet he forges his path through the darkness."

"I’ve never heard a vocalist get into the groove as much as with Restrepo."

"This is one of the most original sounding singular artists I’veheard in quite some time."

"What you see is what you get. No smoke and mirrors just real good entertaining music."


"It spreads itself way to thin across too many genres."

"I hate to use the word “Garage Band Sound” but that’s the impression I get from this CD."

"Bottom line is this guy makes it look all too easy."

"His timing is really all over the place."

"Marco Restrepo doesn’t strike me as an experienced musician."

"While not the greatest guitarist (or even near it) ... singing which is passionate but at times scratchy."

"It almost sounds as if some kid broke into a studio and threw this CD together via a 6 hour studio block."

"Not the greatest sounding CD I’ve ever come across – sounds like a vintage basement recoding."

"The production as a whole comes across as extremely amateurish, and DIY."

"Restrepo should consider taking drum and bass guitar lessons."

My favorite sum up statement from came from Trey Loomis:

“Lonely Hearts Club” is a powerful, poppy, eccentric, danceable CD that at times and yet courageously explores the boundaries between modern electro-pop and intensely passionate DIY flair with and uncommon subtlety and fumbled grace that not many can pull off so well for a first album."


IAA by Rupert Holmes 3/5

All Whats Rock by Stephen Graves "Positive" by Douglas Katz 4/5 by Trey Loomis 7.5/10

Indie Music Reviews by Jay Belson "Positive"

Music Emissions by Wes Morgan 6/10

Music Emissions by Scott Rogers 9/10

Music Existence by Jon Bentley 3/5

Rock N' Roll View by Cyrus Rhodes 6/10

Skope Entertainment by Cory Smith "Positive"

Vents Magazine by Dave Velez "Positive"

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